It’s time to rethink your security for digital transformation success!
SOC analyst and security teams need to rethink their security strategies to modernize their SOC, and automate SecOps activities, while ensuring compliance to regulations. The Modern SOC Summit will bring together CISOs, security practitioners, innovators and business leaders to debate, discuss and share best practices on modernizing security operations for the rapidly evolving threat landscape, growing adoption of cloud-native solutions and future state of security.
Benefits of attending
Hear first-hand examples, success stories and novel use cases from our customers’ cloud journey.
Gain insights from CISOs, business leaders and security practitioners on the evolving state of security and how they are advancing and transforming their security initiatives for future success.
Jump start or advance your knowledge with hands-on training certifications and workshops delivered by our training and security experts.
Collaborate with peers and exchange ideas and tips for getting the most out of Sumo Logic’s security solutions.
Walk away with actionable insights you can apply and implement in your organization.
Program overview
The Modern SOC Summit will offer a variety of ways for you to explore and learn the future of security. Whether you are just getting starting or want to do a technical deep dive, we have something for you.
Grow your understanding of Sumo Logic through interactive, instructor-led, hands-on workshops and a variety of certifications.
Hear from leading experts and thought leaders on the future of security in our half day program designed for all skill and interest levels.
Get certified
Don’t just learn it — master it and receive the recognition you deserve. Bolster your skills and unlock new opportunities with our full line-up of security certifications designed to maximize your investment in the Sumo Logic platform.
Fundamentals Certification
Get started
Gain broad knowledge analyzing logs and metrics with the Fundamentals Certification. Get Sumo Logic up and running and learn to do simple filtering, data parsing, and analysis.
Security & Compliance Certification
Security querying and alerts
Learn how our Threat Intelligence can help you stay on top of your environment by matching IOCs like IP address, domain names, email addresses, and MD5 hashes. Also learn how to analyze AWS data to monitor account usage, and monitor security groups to meet compliance requirements.
Hands-on workshops
Our workshops enable you to interact and get hands-on with Sumo Logic’s latest features. These sessions will provide personalized instruction and a deep look into topics including:
Secure Inside Sumo Logic: Security Analytics Workshop
Harness Sumo Logic’s SOC and threat hunting abilities in this one hour workshop where you will learn to create SOC queries and a dashboard that you can export and use in your own environment, monitor malicious activity across the world through advanced operator queries and Detect and Investigate malicious IP addresses through lookup tables using CrowdStrike data.
SOC Analyst: The Ride
Take the guess work out of the SOC and see how our Insights can transform your SIEM. We’ll let you get hands-on to see how Cloud SIEM Enterprise correlation from incoming logs to triggered insights to avoid alert fatigue, as well as detect, investigate, and respond SOC analysts techniques and show you how our workflow supports SOCs through their daily load.
Making All the Rules: Creating and Modifying Custom CSE Rules
Designed for anyone interested in customizing SOC insights for our Cloud SIEM Enterprise product. While we provide over 300 OOTB rules to streamline your Cloud SIEM Enterprise workflow, we’re happy to teach you how to modify rules and make other key changes to make your experience even more adapted to your use case needs.
Spec Ops Threat Hunting

Learn from a key team of experts how they enable you as SOC analysts to apply various tactics, techniques and procedures to defend an organization’s critical assets against cyberattacks through active threat hunting using Cloud SIEM Enterprise.
Everything you wanted to know about security… and more!
Our sessions are designed to help you explore, learn and think about the future of your security strategy and direction. Join one of our thought leadership sessions led by industry experts or find out how to take the next move in advancing your security journey. Our three tracks are designed to offer something for everyone.
Future of security
In this track, you will hear from leading experts - CISOs, business leaders, security practitioners on the evolving state of security, SOC and future state. Industry experts will debate, share their views on a range of topics such as:
  • Building a Cloud Native SOC: Fantasy or Reality?
  • Supply Chain Security, Compliance, Privacy for Cloud Native Ecosystem
  • Securing the Industrial Internet of Things and the Electric Grid
  • Disrupt your SOC or be Disrupted
Do more with Sumo Logic
In this track, you will hear from security practitioners on best practices, advanced use cases, and advanced techniques on better ways to use Sumo Logic security solutions to solve complex security use cases. Sumo customers and subject matter experts will discuss topics such as:
  • Hunting for threats in Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments
  • Using expanded Lookup functionality for security use cases
  • Crowdsourcing Threats: Advanced Analytics for Security Outcomes
  • Accelerating threat detection using MITRE ATT&CK
Get started with Sumo Logic security
In this track, you will learn about Sumo Logic’s Security Intelligence portfolio, how to use Sumo Logic for Compliance, Security Monitoring, Security Analytics, SIEM and SOAR use cases. Sumo Logic customers and subject matter experts will discuss topics such as:
  • Sumo Logic’s Security Intelligence portfolio
  • Customer journeys and use cases
  • Learn how to automate your cyber security projects using SOAR
Don’t miss Sumo Logic’s Modern SOC Summit on June 8 and 9.
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